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Cou-Lo Aquamax KF Moisture Meter
Cou-Lo Aquamax KF Moisture Meter

Aquamax KF moisture meters conform to, or
can be used as an alternative instrument for
the following methods:

ASTM D95, ASTM D1364, ASTM D1533, ASTM
D3401, ASTM D4006, ASTM D4377, ASTM
D4672, ASTM D4928, ASTM D6304, ASTM
E202, ASTM E203, ASTM E1064, IP74, P356,
IP358, IP386, IP438, DIN 51777, IEC 60814,
BS 148, BS 6470, BS EN 60814, ISO 3733, ISO
3734, SO7201-1, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337, ISO
Easy operation – single button to press after
setting up programme, everything else is
Portability - optional carry case

Battery operation – allows use outside the

Built in printer - everything in a single footprint,
small space requirement.
Compare the Aquamax KF with any of
these coulometers – then ask us the

   Compare the Aquamax KF moisture meter
with coulometric Karl Fischer titrators supplied
by Brinkmann, Denver, KAM Controls, CSC
Scientific, Cosa Instrument Corporation, JM
Science, EMD Chemicals. Aquamax KF moisture
meters are a low cost, compact alternative to
Metrohm 652 KF, 684KF, 756KF, 831KF, 787KF
Titrino, 795KF Titrino, Mettler Toledo DL31,
DL32, DL38, DL39, Mitsubishi CA02, CA05,
CA06, CA10, CA20, CA21, CA100, CA200, KEM
MKC510, MKC500, Aquapal, Hiranuma
Aquacounter AQ 2100, AQV-300, AQ 300, and
KAM Controls titrators for measuring water
content by coulometric Karl Fischer titration.
Just some of our many applications

   Aquamax KF moisture meters are widely used
for measuring water content of samples
including crude oils, petroleum products,
electrical insulating oils, transformer oils,
insulating liquids, natural gas, refrigerant gas,
biodiesel, solvents, inks, mineral oil, ethylene
glycols, polyols, aviation fuels, kerosene, brake
fluids, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze, lubricating oils,
organic liquids, naptha, paraffin wax,
hydrocarbons, hexane, toluene, alcohols,
ethanol, isopropanol, ethers, THF, liquid paraffin,
hexane, petroleum ether, xylene, freons,
gasoline, silicone oil, urbine oil, freeze dried
powders, etc
The correct result every time

     At the heart of the Aquamax KF is GR
Scientific's state of the art ACE Control System.
This patented Automatically Compensated
Errors system guarantees that the electrolysis
current produced and the count rate displayed
are always correctly synchronised, regardless of
changes to the electrolysis cell resistance
Simple to programme so that only a single
button needs to be pressed for a titration,
everything else is automatic. The unique
Drift Cell
glassware design is by far the
easiest to use and also the most robust.
Ordinary ground glass joints used by other
manufacturer's require either grease or PTFE
sleeve to ensure a good seal and to prevent
jamming. The patented design joints used on
our Low Drift Cell glassware require neither.
Even without grease or PTFE these joints will
not stick or jam. Hassle free assembly and

All Low Drift Cell glassware sets are supplied
in a purpose designed, impact resistant carry
case. The generator electrodes can be
supplied either with or without frit and all
electrode have detachable leads.
Cou-Lo Formula Reagents
Our new range of coulometric Karl Fischer
reagents are now available.
Oil Sample Syringe
A 1.0ml gas tight syringe specially designed
for oil samples. Marked in white lettering the
volume increments are easily visible even
with crude oil samples
Carry Case
Optional Carry case provides the portability
required by the field engineer. The Aquamax KF
can be transported, complete with
glassware assembled, ready for immediate
use on arrival at destination. Power cords,
syringes, etc, can all be carried inside the
carry case lid which has a special
compartment for this purpose.