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The Orbis PAM Distillation Unit is the
final result of the “Orbis Basic Line”
Distillation Unit. Well devised and
successfully tested Unique details of
this Full Automatic Distillation Unit.
Precision Automated Manual
Distillation Unit
  • True Stand alone operation
  • Fully automated operation
  • True volume measurement
  • (without volume correction factors)
  • Programmable with 'learn' feature
  • Digital distillation temperature
  • Auto Cal Temperature probe
   (with built in calibration data memory)
  • Dynamic ASTM 7C/F and ASTM 8C/F
    thermometer simulation
  • Automatic barometric pressure
   (with built in pressure sensor)
  • Automatic final boiling point detection
    and loss correction
  • Solid state condenser tube cooling
    via Peltier elements
  • Solid state receiver compartment
    cooling via Peltier elements
  • Data port for data output to PC (LIMS)
  • Printer port
  • ORBIS Multipurpose Flask Support
Additional Features
Orbis BV condenser
solid-state Cooling
Orbis BV reciever
solid-state Cooling
Quick snap
Heater mounting
ORBIS Multipurpose
Flask support board
Inside polished
Condenser tube
ORBIS Volume scan
True volume reading
Other Products
Supplied with: Multi purpose flask support board, Auto Cal Temperature Probe, 125ml NS
19/26  distillation flask, thermometer centring device, 100 ml receiver with 5 and 100ml
ring-mark, and  instruction manual.
Certification: The temperature probe is
supplied Factory Calibrated. A UKAS calibration
service is  available on request
SAM Distillation Unit
MOP Distillation Unit
Seta Orbis Digistill Thermometer
and data recorder
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