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Pesticides Analysis System
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Pesticides Analysis System

OI Analytical is uniquely qualified to offer
complete solutions for determining pesticides
in food and environnmental samples—from
post extraction cleanup using GPC, evaporation
systems to concentrate sample extracts, to
Pesticide Analysis Systems to selectively detect
organochlorine, organophosphorus, or
organosulfur pesticides. OI Analytical Pesticide
Analysis Systems offer versatile, specific
detection through different detector
configurations. Obtain complete pesticide
analytical solutions from the systems provider
with more than 16 years experience. Receive full
support from OI Analytical, the only single-
source vendor offering comprehensive systems
and components to meet your hardware and
application requirements.

• Choice of detectors for organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides (ELCD,

• Preconfigured packages include all necessary hardware for analysis  

• Includes electronic flow control on all injectors and detectors  

• Fully integrated for easy use and accuracy of results  

• Customized systems available for specific application requirements  

• ELCD converts between nitrogen or sulfur mode  

• Systems include installation and startup using appropriate standards or methods  

• Available with our economical Model 5320 ELCD, Model 5360 XSD™, or Model 5380
PFPD for phosphorous- and sulfur-containing pesticides