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Petrochemical Analytical Instruments
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RTF Scientific is proud to be a supplier of petrochemical analytical instrumentation produced by
Wilks IR Interprise, OI Analytical, Orbis BV, Stanhope Seta, Thermo electron Corporation
GR Scientific, Paragon Scientific Ltd
Wilks IR
Infraspec VFA-IR
Applying infrared technology to the real world.
Making mid IR analysis a practical and cost effective on site analysis.
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OI Analytical
Incorporating unique sample introduction and GC detector technology, we provide
complete, fully-integrated GC-based solutions

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Orbis BV
Precision Automated Manual Distillation Apparatus
The orbis bv is specialized production, development, and selling analytical instruments
for chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industry. Learn more about Orbis BV like PAM
Distillation Unit.
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Stanhope Seta
Seta Multi Method Flash Point Tester
Stanhope seta design and manufacture quality control instruments  used to measure
the physical characteristics that determine product  quality and consistency. Learn
more about Stanhope seta such as  Seta Flash.
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GR Scientific Cou-Lo Aquamax KF Moisture Meter
The easy operation, high specifications and small footprint provide  the versatility
required by the laboratory, whilst the built-in battery and optional carry case enable the
portability required by the field engineer.

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Other Products
Reference materials that include density, flash point, liquid color, refractive index,
TAN/TBN and viscosity standards are also available here. Also syringe, vials and
viscometer tubes of different types are also available here at RTF Sientific. For more info
about our products please feel free to contact us at
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