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Seta Multi Method Flash Point Tester
MultiFlash is a universal fully automated
instrument designed for testing the flash
point of fuels, lubricating oils, solvents,
chemicals, waste materials and many other
substances. The instrument comprises a
universal base unit that houses the
display, control and data acquisition
functions, and a series of interchangeable
modules that allow the implementation of
the required standard test methods.  
MultiFlash is ruggedly designed to provide
simple and reliable operation and is
specifically engineered to ensure a very
low cost of maintenance.
Multi Flash 34100 shown with
Pensky Martens Module

Also available are modules for Abel,
Cleveland Open Cup, TAG and Small
Scale methods.
Penky- Marten’s  (A and B Closed

ASTM D93; IP34; IP404; ASTME502;
BS 200 parts 34 and 404; ISO2719;
JISK2265; NF M07-019; DIN51758;
FTMS 791b 1102; EPA 1010

  • Ease of Operation

  • Precise Test Results

  • Wide Test Temperature Range

  • Interchangeable Test Modules

  • Gas or electric Ignition Option

  • Automatic Flash Detection

  • Simple Control Functions

  • Automatic Results

  • Integral Draught Screen

  • In-Built Safety

  • Reliable Operation and Ease of
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