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S-PRO Sulfur Analysis System
S-PRO Sulfur Analysis System

The S-PRO System analyzes sulfur
compounds in gaseous and liquified
petroleum gas (LPG) streams. The completely
automated GC system incorporates OI
Analytical’s Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector
(PFPD), providing extremely stable
performance over extended time with virtually
no routine detector maintenance. The system’s
overall optimized design coupled with the
PFPD’s superb sensitivity and performance
provides reproducible sulfur compound
analysis from ppm to low ppb concentrations.

• Provides automated sample injection, calibration, and QA/QC  

• Integrated permation oven provides single or multiple calibration or QC standards  

• Automated injection of calibration or check samples provided by the built-in valving and permeation
system eliminates using unstable, expensive sulfur gas standards  

• OI Volatiles Interface, optimized for valve injection, provides low dead volume split or splitless
injection for a wide dynamic range  

• Sulfinert™-treated sample pathway minimizes absorptive surfaces for optimal performance,
particularly for low sulfur concentrations  

• Proven PFPD detector provides stability, sensitivity, selectivity, equimolar sulfur response,
calibrations in linear or quadratic modes, and multi-element detection capability  

• Single-digit ppb sensitivity for sulfur analysis  

• Full EPC control of all injector, permeation oven, and detector gases  

• Using additional or alternative detectors (PID, ELCD, XSD, or tandem configurations) allows the
analysis of other compounds of interest