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VOC Analysis System

OI Analytical continues to provide complete
GC-based solutions for numerous analytical
applications. Offered preconfigured systems for
analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
in water, soil, and solids based on USEPA
methods. Customize your system for specific
applications with our expanding line of GC
detectors, sample introduction instruments, and
autosampler. Put our applications expertise and
instrument know-how to work for you to help
solve even the most challenging analytical

• Preconfigured packages include all necessary hardware for analysis: Agilent GC, OI Analytical Model
4660 Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator, Model 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD, columns, and

• Sample Concentrator provides built-in Cyclone Water Management, rapid trap heating and cooling,
Silcosteel sample pathway, unique protective sparge filter design, and optional Infra-Sparge Sample
Heater for improving sample recoveries  

• Tandem PID/ELCD uses only one detector port, allows mounting of up to four detectors  

• ELCD features rapid release reactor design, quick-change disposable resin cartridges, and digital

• PID exhibits extremely low baseline noise  

• MS systems include current Agilent GC/MS hardware with a 6890 Plus GC  

• Choice of capillary columns.  

• Choice of autosamplers to fully automate the analysis process.  

• Optional automated pH measurement  

• Includes installation and startup using appropriate standards or methods for systems delivered in
the U.S.  
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VOC Analysis System