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InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer

The Infraspec is rugged and portable
mid-IR analyzer capable of quantitative
and qualitative analysis on a wide
variety of liquids, films and powder at a
line or in the field. The infraspec’s  
intuitive software interface easily
handles multiple component analysis
on a single sample.
InfraSpec’s Features

  • Provide a spectral data on wide  
    variety of samples.

  • Numeric concentration display.

  • Pass/fail material verification

  • Ideal for process monitoring,
    QC,  material verification,  
    environment testing and biofuels

  • Standard spectral ranges: 2.5µm
    - 4.8µm ; 5.4µm-10.8µm ; 9.4µm-

  • No moving parts.

  • No exposed air path.

  • Sensitive ATR sample surface
    and Transmission  sample stage.

  • AC/DC powered, usable
    anywhere Optional battery

  • Dedicated software included

  • Application research assistance

  • 128 pixels detectors has twice as
    many pixels as previous models.

% biodiesel in diesel

Total glyceride and glycerine content

% methanol in B100

Purity of B100

% ethanol in gasoline

%MTBE in gasoline

%water in ethanol

Free Fatty acid analysis on biodiesel

Alcohol measurement in beverage

Trans-fatty acid analysis

Materials verification

Flexible film analysis

D2O in H2O and H2O in D2O

White powder identification.
New Concept in Infrared Instrumentation
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